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Mary background is a  Div 2 nurse for 35 years with 30 experence in this field.

Since 1986, she has worked for Bendigo Health as a allied health assistant, during this time she has been employed both o Rehab and in the outpatients section, working in various clinics

Twenty six years ago she commenced designing and manufacturing Compression garments achieving optimum results both in garments and customer satisfaction.

Mary moved out into private business in January 2014 due to workload requests for garments.

Specialised training in the Doolan technique has allowed Mary to excel in her chosen feild of work.Her passion for the use of compression therapy in wound care and lymphoedema management is an integral part of her life, as well as her love.

 The ability to think outside the square has created many challenges along the way.If you haven"t had any luck with fitting into commercial garments, try mine.....they will be sure to fit like a glove.